Do you have a great idea for mobile or web app?

Very often, developing a web service from a technical perspective can be a lot easier task than bringing it to the market, choosing the right concept and deciding on a winning business model. In once sentence, web service or a mobile app is lot more than code. Therefore, we are excited to help our clients to develop their idea and bring awesome product to the market with an awesome business plan.


  1. Idea: Let’s meet, have a coffee, talk about your ideas and brainstorm about all possibilities. We will recommend you what is the best one for your idea, goal and business.
  2. Market analysis: Once we have basic information, we will tell you the characteristics of the external environment for your product, such as the market size, the number of competitors and the potential for internationalization. This won’t be a market research per se, but general information that you need to know before marketing your product.
  3. Technical analysis: Based on your goals and expectations, we will provide you with an analysis of what are your best options regarding technologies, features and if needed, a future technical development.
  4. Financing/ Funding: Not sure how to finance your ideas? We will explain what possibilities you have for this, ie. TEKES, Finnvera, among others.
  5. Technical development process: Our development team will finally convert your ideas into code and create fully functional software solution.
  6. Future planning: Planning versions of the software & future development 2-3 years in advance
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