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Website that works for your business

“My nephew can help us with the website!”- We have heard this so many times!

It’s unbelievably rare, especially here in Kuopio that websites actually support one business. The way we see it is that website is a living thing, just like the technology world, you must test and review what works and what isn’t working for you and your visitors.

If you have created your web page more than 2 years ago it’s probably out of date.

If you made your website more that 2 years ago without any adjustments, it’s most likely not responsive/ mobile friendly; The use of mobile devices is increasing at an incredible rate, 91% of the world population has a mobile, an average person looks at the mobile 150 times a day, 1.2 billion access the internet through a mobile device and 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action. In fact, in 2014 mobile usage have already overtaken the usage of desktop.

When it’s responsive, your existing website can be used on different devices, phone, tablets, laptops, bigger screens etc, allowing you to reduce the maintenance costs.

What is the goal of your web presence?  

Most common end goals of a website is attracting visitors, lead generation and increase the amount of visitors who contact you for more information. Namely, websites that are only looking nice but are not optimised well for this purpose are unfortunately very common.

For example, if you are looking to increase the number of visitors that fill in the contact form on your site, you should then optimize it for that. Namely, in this case you are looking at the 10-15% (industry standard) of visitors of your site, however the hard part is to increase the total amount of visitors so that more of them can contact you, here are some tips:

  • Rich with relevant content: Create content that your readers understand and want to read
  • SEO optimization: Optimize your site so that search engines can find your content easily
  • Integrations: If you develop with WordPress there is incredible amount of plugins that can improve your site
  • Social: make it easy for your visitors to share your site and it’s content
  • Mobile friendly: Make sure mobile visitors can easily navigate through your site without additional zooming and hustle 
  • Analytics: Learn about your visitors and their behaviour on your website

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